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Jul. 16th, 2016

I started fiddling with some ideas for a Supernatural/Breaking Bad crossover and here's a tiny thing that I wrote. I haven't written anything in so long that just. This was a struggle to fart out.

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Kurtwood Smith

SavageLucy42 (9:43:49 PM): my brother was just looking at my to go envelopes and he says "This guy's name is Red and he lives in wisconsin? You should slide in a picture of Kurtwood Smith and ask if that's him"
SavageLucy42 (9:44:07 PM): let me know if i need to explain it cause it took me a minute
kahladw (9:44:32 PM): yeeeeah
SavageLucy42 (9:44:54 PM): that's the actor who played red foreman on that 70s show. which took place in wisconsin
kahladw (9:45:01 PM): oooooh.
SavageLucy42 (9:45:06 PM): yeah
kahladw (9:45:15 PM): did he just know that actor's name off the top of his head?
SavageLucy42 (9:45:26 PM): yes.



scythemantis (8:56:05 PM): dammit! > : (
SavageLucy42 (8:56:31 PM): WAT
scythemantis (8:56:35 PM): the hottest most glasseswearingest art chick who seemed like she was flirting with me is like 15
scythemantis (8:56:43 PM): she doesn't look it
SavageLucy42 (8:56:44 PM): lol see you are a pedo
scythemantis (8:56:49 PM): I am not!!!
scythemantis (8:56:53 PM): they come to ME!
scythemantis (8:57:01 PM): probably because I look and sound their age
SavageLucy42 (8:58:16 PM): no, you dont
SavageLucy42 (8:58:23 PM): they probably have daddy issues
scythemantis (8:58:31 PM): how do you know? You've never met me
scythemantis (8:58:38 PM): people are frequently amazed I'm in my 20's
SavageLucy42 (8:58:46 PM): yeah cause you look 30
scythemantis (8:58:48 PM): they think I'm 19 at the oldest
SavageLucy42 (8:58:53 PM): bullshit
scythemantis (8:59:05 PM): they repeatedly mistake me for very young
SavageLucy42 (8:59:18 PM): whatever you say, pedobear
scythemantis (8:59:47 PM): I look older in photos I guess, and when I didn't shave
scythemantis (9:00:03 PM): it's probably my voice that makes people think I'm young, I sound like it never changed
SavageLucy42 (9:00:17 PM): just fuck the 15 year old then, i wont judge you
scythemantis (9:00:23 PM): I don't think it DID. I never had the cracking voice when I was a teen
scythemantis (9:00:25 PM): ew no
scythemantis (9:00:43 PM): none of this conversation has been me attempting to justify fucking a child, Lucy
scythemantis (9:00:52 PM): I'm sorry you're so willing to read into everything that way
SavageLucy42 (9:01:04 PM): you sure talk about young chicks all up on your balls alot
scythemantis (9:01:52 PM): but you know I don't initiate anything whatsoever with people
SavageLucy42 (9:02:04 PM): or is that what you want me to think?
scythemantis (9:02:16 PM): why would I want YOU to think anything?
scythemantis (9:02:32 PM): I don't care about YOU
scythemantis (9:02:40 PM): nobody does! not even red now!
SavageLucy42 (9:03:07 PM): red bought comics yesterday
scythemantis (9:03:45 PM): when girls come onto me they're either children, fattys or furries : c
SavageLucy42 (9:04:03 PM): and what does that tell you?
scythemantis (9:04:09 PM): all the guys you almost get are just douchebags though
SavageLucy42 (9:04:12 PM): are are not desirable to attractive females
SavageLucy42 (9:04:24 PM): its different the other way around
scythemantis (9:04:34 PM): how so?
SavageLucy42 (9:04:41 PM): it is
scythemantis (9:04:56 PM): ugly girls get attractive guys trying to bone them?
SavageLucy42 (9:05:31 PM): no i mean that girls are less likely to BE approached because guys wont ask unless they're 98% sure you'll fuck them
SavageLucy42 (9:05:40 PM): and im that 2% they were wrong about
SavageLucy42 (9:06:21 PM): those percentages dont make sense
scythemantis (9:06:37 PM): if I approached girls in a presumptuous context I don't think I'd have any better luck
SavageLucy42 (9:06:51 PM): confidence. be ron burgundy
scythemantis (9:06:52 PM): I think I'd end up with worse than fat furries
scythemantis (9:07:01 PM): i.e. BITCHES LIKE U
SavageLucy42 (9:07:16 PM): that or die alone i guess...
scythemantis (9:07:26 PM): those are actually pretty equivalent options
SavageLucy42 (9:07:35 PM): hahahaaa
scythemantis (9:08:04 PM): besides, everybody dies alone unless there's a suicide pact
scythemantis (9:08:14 PM): it's not like someone you love is on a magic timer
SavageLucy42 (9:08:21 PM): i wanna be like hitler and eva braun...
scythemantis (9:08:37 PM): you might die with a loved one by you, but where does that leave THEM?
SavageLucy42 (9:09:01 PM): killing themself. very romantic
scythemantis (9:09:05 PM): there is no happy ending for anybody ever in the world
scythemantis (9:09:17 PM): especially lucys
scythemantis (9:09:27 PM): you will NEVER find a hitler of your own!
SavageLucy42 (9:09:42 PM): im gonna get rich and famous. and then i will buy a man to love me
SavageLucy42 (9:09:45 PM): you'll be jealous
scythemantis (9:09:58 PM): why would I be jealous I don't want no gross man with a penis
scythemantis (9:10:11 PM): ew!
scythemantis (9:10:37 PM): all puffy and purple and shit!
SavageLucy42 (9:11:05 PM): that's not what a penis looks like
scythemantis (9:11:17 PM): with all those little black holes all up and down it!
scythemantis (9:11:31 PM): and that thing that glows when you're angry!
scythemantis (9:13:33 PM): tomorrow is artists reception and mingling with collectors and investors
scythemantis (9:13:45 PM): and then thursday is the artists-only party
SavageLucy42 (9:13:56 PM): you dont know ANYTHING about mingling!
scythemantis is available (9:14:08 PM)
scythemantis (9:14:08 PM): I know! I'm gonna stand around and look all weird!
SavageLucy42 (9:14:17 PM): drink the free wine
scythemantis (9:14:25 PM): but people expect artists to be weird
scythemantis (9:14:44 PM): there are much weirder people than me at this thing
scythemantis (9:14:49 PM): and pretentious people
SavageLucy42 (9:15:04 PM): (free wine)
scythemantis (9:15:32 PM): there are TOTAL "I strike a blow to the status quo with my genius!" people
SavageLucy42 (9:15:46 PM): what is that from?
scythemantis (9:16:00 PM): nowhere I recall
scythemantis (9:16:04 PM): that's just the attitude
scythemantis (9:16:27 PM): ooh I painted a vagina and there's jesus there too. TAKE THAT, SOCIETY
SavageLucy42 (9:16:58 PM): oh 'strike a blow to the status quo' sounds like a song lyric that like. the villain from great mouse detective might say
scythemantis (9:17:10 PM): I bet he would
scythemantis (9:17:27 PM): I didn't even mean to rhyme it
scythemantis (9:17:56 PM): there is some cool art though there is one painting of a PELICAN and its chin is a BOOB!


Jan. 17th, 2010

SavageLucy42 (10:53:17 AM): because you need more computers
Blues PT00 (10:53:29 AM): http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/sys/1556548990.html
Blues PT00 (10:53:59 AM): I want that one. the computer may be shit, but I can use the desk and some of the parts in it to upgrade other stuff I have and sell them for more
Blues PT00 (10:54:11 AM): so $1 could mean another $50-$75
SavageLucy42 (10:54:19 AM): and, you know, track the riddler and where he'll be next
Blues PT00 (10:54:27 AM): I AM THE NIGHT


Rent to own

KorinFaux (11:31:48 PM): lucy
KorinFaux (11:31:55 PM): you and your femboner
SavageLucy42 (11:32:10 PM): i call it a girl boner
KorinFaux (11:32:22 PM): well that's what I call it!
SavageLucy42 (11:32:31 PM): omg we have so much in common!
KorinFaux (11:32:43 PM): woo
KorinFaux (11:33:47 PM): lets marry
SavageLucy42 (11:34:07 PM): but you're a girl...
SavageLucy42 (11:34:11 PM): i dont like girlsex
KorinFaux (11:34:13 PM): I'm thinking alien theme
KorinFaux (11:34:21 PM): your learn to like it!
SavageLucy42 (11:34:28 PM): but i already like penis
andrewstl (11:34:29 PM): ...proceed
SavageLucy42 (11:34:32 PM): im like a PRO at liking penis
KorinFaux (11:34:44 PM): we can rent penises
andrewstl (11:34:49 PM): okay too far
andrewstl (11:34:50 PM): haha
SavageLucy42 (11:34:53 PM): i dont wanna rent i wanna oooooowwwwn


Lethal Weapon

SavageLucy42 (9:37:43 PM): in your opinion, which is the best lethal weapon movie?
Red Degna (9:38:10 PM): I'm a horrible person. I don't think I've seen any of them.
SavageLucy42 (9:38:25 PM): okay. im taking away your man liscence.
SavageLucy42 (9:38:33 PM): you are no longer a man.


And the next leap...

21:30 Halloween : Lucy would have sex with AL.
21:30 Savage Lucy : So?
21:30 Savage Lucy : I bet Al knows things.
21:30 Prime : Hall, everyone would have sex with Al.
21:30 Prime : Everyone.
21:30 Halloween : would you Prime?
21:31 Halloween : see unlike you and lucy.
21:31 Dr Iron Man : I never got what was funny about Leave it to Beaver
21:31 Ted Fufu : I would
21:31 Dr Iron Man : I'd hear the laugh track
21:31 Halloween : i'd make him buy me dinner first.
21:31 Dr Iron Man : And feel like I missed a joke
21:31 Savage Lucy : but you'd still hit it, hall
21:31 Prime : I would let Al do things to me that would make it so I can never get to heaven


No, I friggin grew this overnight.

00:12 Savage Lucy : Korin do not wear that thing to bed. because you will swallow it
00:12 Korin : what?
00:12 Savage Lucy : that wig
00:12 Korin : xD
00:13 Savage Lucy : that is a wig right?
00:13 Korin : what is?
00:13 Savage Lucy : the thing on your head
00:13 Korin : :(
00:13 Savage Lucy : i hope that's a wig...
00:13 Korin : it's my nice black hair thank you very much ;-;
00:13 Savage Lucy : so it WAS a rug!



22:58 Savage Lucy : here have a comic page http://savagelucy42.deviantart.com/art/The-Acceptables-I2P7-128942896
22:59 Dr Scientist Red PhD : more meeting table?
22:59 Ted Fufu : That is one weak wall
22:59 md : mythbusters busted that
22:59 Savage Lucy : no different meeting
22:59 Ted Fufu : THE SYSTEM WORKS
23:00 Ted Fufu : jerk
23:00 Yakitori : I heard Tony Jay
23:00 Yakitori : WHERE IS HE
23:00 Ted Fufu : He's the judge
23:00 Yakitori : :D
23:00 Ted Fufu : Judge Jay
23:00 Yakitori : stop haggling, Bruce
23:00 md : sherrif lando
23:01 Yakitori : smooch smooch
23:01 Savage Lucy : actually red that's a different table, but i did the establishing shot on a different page
23:01 Savage Lucy : (Lucy is a terrible artist)
23:01 Dr Scientist Red PhD : lucy likes tables
23:01 Dr Scientist Red PhD : and table shots
23:02 Dr Scientist Red PhD : shots of tables
23:02 Dr Scientist Red PhD : table action scenes
23:02 Dr Scientist Red PhD : drama table drama
23:02 Yakitori : I'd watch a drama about tables
23:02 Prime : Lucy makes tables of all the shots of tables that she draws.
23:02 Savage Lucy : i like dialogue and not having to draw more than waste up shots.
23:02 Dr Scientist Red PhD : tables fighting tables
23:02 Dr Innosin : Go for it Yaki
23:02 Dr Innosin : I'd say it has legs
23:02 Winter Stormer : ow
23:02 Prime : Lucy, is there going to be a table villain in your comic?
23:03 Dr Scientist Red PhD : it's certainly a show you could coast on
23:03 Savage Lucy : lol no
23:03 Yakitori : Prime: a table with a moustache and a top hat
23:03 Yakitori : and a sinister past
23:03 Prime : Gentleman Table!
23:03 Savage Lucy : i have to introduce all the villains before i can have the villains at their table...
23:03 Yakitori : Prime: with ANGRY eyebrows
23:03 Dr Scientist Red PhD : have the villains break the tables
23:03 Winter Stormer : http://nerdapproved.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/bad-table.jpg
23:03 Winter Stormer : ?
23:03 Prime : I'm not talking about villains at a table.
23:03 Dr Scientist Red PhD : and then have nothing below the waist
23:03 Savage Lucy : perhaps that was a bad page to post... with all my other tables...
23:04 Korin : wonderful table
23:04 Yakitori : Lucy: you should probably branch out a bit, start learning to draw full body shots.
23:04 Savage Lucy : http://savagelucy42.deviantart.com/art/The-Acceptables-I1P9-125796470 no tables here
23:04 Dr Scientist Red PhD : table love scenes
23:04 Prime : Gentleman Table uses his powers to force people to sit around him and discuss things.
23:04 Savage Lucy : uh i do draw full body shots, i just did a lot of scenes like that
23:04 Yakitori : oh, gotcha
23:04 Savage Lucy : i know how to draw im lazy
23:04 Dr Innosin : TONYYYY
23:04 Dr Scientist Red PhD : she should be looking at a table through those binoculars
23:04 Savage Lucy : LOL
23:04 Savage Lucy : fuuuuck you red
23:04 Korin : what?
23:04 Korin : nakedly slimy?
23:05 Savage Lucy : did you guys see the "fight" in issue 0? it was sobad
23:05 Savage Lucy : i am so bad at angles and ***
23:05 Korin : judge fudge
23:05 Prime : Someone needs to buy a copy of Lucy's comic and just draw tables in every possible panel.
23:05 Savage Lucy : buuuut i will be able to draw the cars.
23:05 Gene Slamm : BREAK INTO SONG
23:05 Savage Lucy : lol *** you too prime
23:05 Dr Scientist Red PhD : i would be willing to spend money to do that
23:05 Dr Scientist Red PhD : the AccepTABLES
23:05 Prime : Can you draw tables, Red? Do you have such skill?
23:05 Prime : Hahah!
23:05 Savage Lucy : OH SHlT
23:05 Dr Innosin : red..
23:05 Prime : Yes!
23:05 Dr Innosin : hahahaha
23:06 Dr Scientist Red PhD : yes i can draw tables
23:06 Dr Scientist Red PhD : only tables though
23:06 Prime : Lucy, I think we've just come up with your first fanfiction
23:06 Savage Lucy : I have to kill you all now
23:06 Dr Scientist Red PhD : replace all the characters and plot devices with tables
23:07 Gene Slamm : Fff
23:07 Prime : Replace all the characters with tables. And the cars with tables.
23:07 Winter Stormer : I know I've got some good table shots around here
23:07 Gene Slamm : God
23:07 Prime : So it will be tables driving around on tables.
23:07 Gene Slamm : I want a loop of that
23:07 Dr Innosin : LISTEN TO TONY JAY
23:07 Gene Slamm : Jay saying "SHUT THE HELL UP"
23:07 Savage Lucy : im getting to some drama, but it's actually kinda slow going. no matter how much dialogue i cram into a page
23:07 Dr Scientist Red PhD : will the final battle have tables?
23:07 Dr Scientist Red PhD : i hope so
23:07 Savage Lucy : they will defeat the tables
23:07 Savage Lucy : also. that wasnt a table. it was a DESK
23:07 Savage Lucy : so *** you guys
23:08 Dr Scientist Red PhD : someone gets a table thrown into their face
23:08 Savage Lucy : DESKS VS TABLES
23:08 Dr Innosin : ah
23:08 Dr Innosin : lucy's into the interracial stuff
23:08 Prime : Lucy, as fanservice, we would all like to request that tables be put in the comic in many more places.
23:08 Savage Lucy : i cant stop laughing
23:08 Yakitori : tables in bikinis
23:08 Savage Lucy : tables have never been so funny
23:08 Prime : table 34!
23:08 Savage Lucy : im gonna make that my tag line
23:08 Prime : Inno, get on it
23:08 Savage Lucy : The AccepTABLES : Tables have never been so funny.
23:08 Yakitori : Lucy:....YES FUND IT
23:08 Gene Slamm : YES
23:09 Gene Slamm : The final battle
23:09 Gene Slamm : The AccepTABLE vs Garfield's Table



SavageLucy42 (12:50:47 AM): lol watch them on twitter?
kahladw (12:51:08 AM): I refuse to even look at twitter
SavageLucy42 (12:51:43 AM): i only do it for iron man.